Spending $3-million in Dubai

According to a Forbes story from last year, when it comes to cities with the greatest number of billionaires, Dubai is tied at 21st with Delhi, Bangkok and Sao Paulo, each of which are the residences of 14 billionaires. (Should you be wondering what city is the home to the most, it is New York, with 79. Of course, as this came out last year, things may have changed since then. One moved to Washington, for example.)

Why this is of interest to us (let’s face it: we’re not going to move that list one way or the other) is because last week Bugatti opened its 15th showroom in the world, its largest showroom, smack dab in the middle of Dubai.

According to the company, Al Habtoor Motors, which represents Bugatti in the UAE, has orders for 30 Chirons, making Bugatti UAE the brand’s most successful dealership.

And in case you’re wondering: according to Car and Driver, the MSRP for a 2017 Chiron is $2,998,000. Presumably that’s base.

The dealership measures 240 square meters and features a Bugatti horseshoe measuring 4 meters as part of the entryway.

Of course there is a lounge. Which is appointed with furniture from the Bugatti Home Collection. Drive it. Sit on it.

There is also a “heritage section” where the clients (presumably it would be déclassé to call them “customers”) can learn about the Bugatti brand values: Art, Forme, Technique.

And given that the Chiron has a 1,500-hp W-16 engine (yes, “W”) and goes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.3 seconds, one wonders why “Performance” (which is the same in English and French, incidentally) isn’t one of the characteristics.