World Class Vehicle Launch Timing: General Motors (Part 2 of 6)

Previous Next By Brett C. Smith We identified a total of 12 vehicle launches by General Motors during the period investigated. However, only 6 of those launches meet the single product-single plant requirement for this investigation. Our initial discussion will focus on these six launches. We will conclude this review with a brief discussion of […]

World Class Vehicle Launch Timing: Part 1 of 6

Previous Next Related: Automotive Chassis By Sean McAlinden and Brett C. Smith PART 1 of 6 The World Class Vehicle Launch series of articles will investigate the launch performance and apparent launch strategies of five leading vehicle assembly firms operating in North America. The companies reviewed in our analysis include Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Toyota […]

What’s “Cloud Computing”?

Related: Digital Domain Imagine outsourcing the company’s management information systems (MIS) department—hardware, software applications, database management, and support staff. What would that look like? It’d look like cloud computing. Cloud computing (also called “the cloud”) is an enormous collection of computer technologies that give people access to practically unlimited amounts of computer processing, data storage, […]

What’s Blocking The Move From 2D to 3D?

More and more customers of Seats Inc. were switching to 3D. These customers, typically cab and truck manufacturers, wanted 3D models of Seats’ product—a seat—to import into the solid models of new cab designs. Here are three views of the same seat for trucks: (1) 2D drawing, (2) solids model, and (3) the actual seat. […]

When Controls Converge: CNC,PLC & PC

Related: Automotive Production Digital Domain Related Suppliers FANUC America Corporation What’s happening in factory control these days? In a word: convergence. Many of the features that differentiated programmable logic controllers (PLCs) from computer numerical controllers (CNCs), CNCs from motion controllers, and all of those from industrial controllers based on personal computers (PCs), can now be found […]

Volkswagen’s PLM Strategy

On their third try, Oliver Riedel, director of Process Integration and Information Management at Volkswagen, and his colleagues were going to get it right and get it fast. The selection of a product lifecycle management (PLM) software supplier, that is. “This time, the complete evaluation period was slated to take only six months. We gave […]

Top 10 Intranet Deployment Considerations

Related: Digital Domain Intranets are all the rage these days for several good reasons. First, they unify multi-site operations, while simplifying and improving the quality of inter-departmental communications. Second, the collaborative computing provided through intranet and (typically free) browser technology is far less expensive than the $150-plus per desktop spent to implement proprietary-by-comparison Lotus Notes […]

The Toyota Concept-i: Driving 2030

The Toyota Calty notion of what a car in 2030 could look like. While it has autonomous capabilities, actual driving is still part of the Concept-i experience. The Concept-i was designed, according to Calty’s Ian Cartabiano, from the inside out. Note that the interior is clean, lacking the tablet-like screens that are proliferating in interiors, […]

Tires of the Future?

Related: Automotive Chassis Automotive Materials Rubber tires’ many inherent weaknesses—tread separation, dry rot and a complicated and time-consuming production process—all argue for the development of an alternative tire material. Attempts have been made. As far back as the 1950s tire companies were experimenting with making tires out of polyurethane, but they couldn’t concoct a formula […]

The CCV: Will This Change the Way Vehicles Are Manufactured

Related: Automotive Chassis Automotive Management Automotive Materials Automotive Production Automotive Supply Side In 1989 Fred Keller went to the massive international plastics exposition in Dusseldorf, K’89. He didn’t go as an interested visitor, although that is how he would ordinarily attend such events. Keller is chairman and CEO of Cascade Engineering, Inc. (Grand Rapids, MI), […]