Ian Callum Goes Back to School

Jaguar’s director of Design, Ian Callum, is the gentleman in this picture.

And joining him is Jodie Kidd, British model, television personality and, notably, racing car driver.

Getting together was predicated on what’s behind them. No, not the F-Pace, but the wall behind him, more precisely, the mural on the wall of that building, called “Movement.” Which was created by Callum. The mural is at the National Transport Design Centre (NTDC) at Coventry University in the U.K., where Callum has been named a visiting professor.

Understand that many automotive designers are keen not only to craft sheet metal sculptures (a.k.a., cars and trucks and crossovers) but create paintings and other pieces of fine art. Callum’s piece measures 17 x 10 meters (a.k.a., 55.77 x 32.8 feet).

“As designers,” Callum said in relation to “Movement,” which is based on the idea of “flow,” “we are given the opportunity to create products that are desirable and enjoyable as well as functional and purposeful—that requires great discipline but is uniquely satisfying.”

Regarding the assignment at the university, Callum said, “It’s vitally important that those in the industry work with students—they have grown up in the digital world so they see things differently—and they will be designing the products of tomorrow. Our experience combined with their insight and enthusiasm can often lead to moments of brilliance.”