Honda Rocks, Too

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Honda Rocks, Too

June 13, 2016

Maybe it has something to do with the start of summer. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that last month sales were softening, with Chevrolet Silverado sales down 12.7 percent in May and down 7.0 percent so far for the year compared with last, and GMC Sierra (the separated-at-birth truck from the Chevy) down 7.0 percent for the month but still up 8.6 percent for the year.

But it seems as though dumping large concrete bricks in the beds of trucks is the thing to do at the moment.

Not blocks in this case.  Watch the video for that (hyperlink below)

Not to be outdone, Honda has gotten into the act with its all-new, 2017 Ridgeline.

To review:

Chevy and GMC have steel beds.

The Ford F-150 has an aluminum bed.

The Honda Ridgeline has a glass-fiber reinforced SMC bed.

(And because the Ridgeline is new, it might be worth pointing out that the payload capacity is 1,584 pounds.)

Honda got ahold of a front loader and performed the drop test.  Which you can see here.

Under the Ridgeline bed: Sound structure

And as you can see, the engineering plastic—which the company points out doesn’t ever need a bed liner, as it is, in effect, a bed liner onto itself—held up with aplomb.

So contractors everywhere: start dumping your blocks.