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Cue the Anthem-Like Music

July 20, 2016

If this wasn’t the Summer of the Superhero—Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; Capital America: Civil War; X-Men: Apocalypse—we might not have written about this, but given this image:

how could we not?

No, it isn’t a badge for Neutron Man or Nepenthe Woman, but signifies a new portfolio of polyphthalamide (PPA) materials, Ultramid Advanced N.

And beyond that clever graphic, it is worth noting that this material portfolio, developed by BASF, is said to have properties that make it highly useful in automotive applications, both under the hood and in the transmission, applications that require constant mechanics up to 100°C (glass transition temperature: 125°C), chemical resistance and low water absorption as well as low friction and wear, applications like gear wheels and other wear parts.

In the chemical resistance arena, the Ultramid Advanced N can deal with

Ultramid® Advanced N is extraordinarily resistant against chemicals, hot oil, coolants such as Glysantin (BASF’s engine coolant), calcium chloride, and fuels with a high methanol content. (The particular PPAs are provided with the necessary stabilizers to meet the requirements of the application.)

Strength can be added via long or short glass fibers. There are flame-resistant grades.

All of which makes the material seem, dare we say, sort of. . .super.

Perhaps they should have used a colon in the name, as is the case in all of those movies, as in Ultramid: Advanced N.