IR for ADAS.


Automotive Electronics

Although this may resemble some sort of high-tech snow globe, it is actually a new emitter developed by Osram Opto Semiconductors ( that, when used as part of a camera system from Advanced Visions Systems (, results in the first infrared (IR) camera system that works in both the visible and IR spectrum (400 to 700 nm, near-IR and 940 nm). Ordinarily, the work done by this one unit would require two cameras. It is said to be an enabler for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). That is, system can be used as a driver monitoring camera, which is important for autonomous vehicles: it becomes a means by which the driver’s behavior can be monitored as it may be necessary for the driver to take command of an autonomous vehicle. In this application, the camera is mounted inside the vehicle and positioned toward the driver’s face, monitoring the eyes, nose and face. The light used to illuminate the driver is not perceptible by the human eye, though it is captured by the system’s sensor. Other potential applications are side-view, blind-spot detection, self-parking, and cross-traffic alerts.