Perceptron Introduces Green Laser Scanner (Green as in “Light”)

The applicability of 3D laser scanning is growing, as companies are finding it to be useful for scanning both prototype and production parts, the first, perhaps, for use with 3D printing and the second for dimensional inspection.

One of the challenges with scanning some parts has to do with the reflectivity of the material. Aluminum and carbon fiber—two materials that are also growing in use—have needed to be sprayed with a powder to facilitate scanning.

But Perceptron ( has developed what it claims to be the “world’s first green laser-line metrology scanner.”

This ScanR CMM laser scanner, according to Perceptron, has an enhanced dynamic range, and not only handles materials including carbon fiber and aluminum, but it also offers a thinner laser line with higher signal-to-noise ratio, which means increased accuracy.

The laser and associated electronics are packaged within the scanner head. The unit can be adapted for use with any brand of CMM.