One of the challenges that some OEMs are facing with increased applications in their vehicles is that sometimes there needs to be updates which can be inconvenient for the customers of those vehicles, as either they have to go to their dealership for the update or they get a thumb drive and are expected to do the work, two things that aren’t exactly expected of them with their smartphones or tablets, when updates generally take no more heavy lifting than touching the screen.

Addressing this challenge, Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America (MEAA; is working with Movimento (, a firm that has developed a secure, over-the-air (OTA) software delivery capability for automotive OEMs and suppliers. Mitsubishi Electric will be integrating that capability into its FLEXConnect head-units. Explains Doug Ray, director of Sales, Quality and Engineering, Audio, Video & Communications, Mitsubishi Electric: “By incorporating Movimento OTA technology into FLEXConnect, our customers will be able to shorten software deployment times, roll out new features, and instantly issue security patches throughout the vehicle, not just in the infotainment system.”

Ray adds, “Mitsubishi Electric recognizes the tremendous benefit of having an OTA solution integrated into the infotainment system from the very beginning. It allows us to shorten the time to production and lets automakers take advantage of OTA throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle, saving costs and increasing customer satisfaction.”