IQMS Develops Hardware Solution

Long known for its ERP software, IQMS ( has decided that beyond providing its EnterpriseIQ software that it would be a good idea to provide some hardware specifically tailored to provide shop floor functionality, so it set about to develop the RTStation, a touch-screen device that is designed and engineered for at-machine use.

Specifically, the RTStation displays machine information ranging from part counts and cycle speeds to downtime and job setup information via alphanumerics, images, and graphs. It allows access (although it should be noted that just what can be accessed is readily controllable) to a variety of items related to the bill of materials (BOM), from CAD drawings to inventory information. It has a touch screen that allows quick and easy information input. In addition to which, operators can print work orders, log rejects for production, and be integrated with other tools like scanners and barcode printers.

The RTStation is compact, measuring 8.47 in. x 5.12 in. x 2.95 in. It has a durable ABS plastic; the screen cover plate is a high-impact, 3/16-in. polycarbonate. The touch screen is resistant, rather than capacitive, because it is more robust for a production environment. The unit uses the Android operating system, and IQMS has setup an app store that allows companies to get the right applications needed for each of the RTStations.