Cutter Developed for Aluminum Finishing

Sandvik Coromant’s 5B90 milling cutter is a high-performance tool for finishing aluminum components.

Sandvik Coromant ( has developed a high-performance milling cutter for finishing aluminum parts including blocks and heads.  The CoroMill 5B90 features an innovative cutting tool insert arrangement: “Each insert is placed in a different diameter and height so they are progressively staggered,” says Troy Stashi, Sandvik milling product specialist. “We can control the stock removal in two different directions.”

According to Sandvik, the cutter can contribute to a cost-per-part reduction of up to 30% and because of the way inserts are readily adjusted, a setup time reduction on the order of 66%.

An example of performance: a 6-in. diameter CoroMill 5B90 cutter with nine inserts was used to machine heads for a four-cylinder engine made from AlSi9Cu-1.  The cutting depth was 0.028 in., the speed 7,000 rpm, and the feed 492 ipm.  The tool life: 40,000 parts.