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As Seen In Automotive Design & Production

Sustainable Manufacturing: There Are Apps for That

Software that supports sustainable manufacturing and environmentally conscious products help make going green somewhat easier.

Professional Workstations Are Still Important

With all the clamor about tablets and mobile phones, one could easily forget about workstations. Don’t. Nowadays, they’re even more primed for the heavy lifting in CAD.

Workstations: The Future is 64 Bits Wide

Waiting two extra minutes to load a model, make a design change, or display the view you want is frustrating. With the latest workstation technology, you’ll have time to spare.

The Big Picture

HP is making it a whole lot easier to do high-tech, high-touch concurrent engineering. And more affordable, to boot.

Hewlett-Packard Gets Into the CNC Business

HP is a firm believer in open systems so far as its computers go. And given that a number of its customers happen to run factories, HP people have discovered that openness is a characteristic that is also desirable for CNC units. So they set about to build one.