Application and Benefits of Vacuum Impregnation When Sealing Electronic Components

April 26

2:00 PM

Automotive electronic components and wires are prone to voids, holes and micro leak paths, which can lead to part failure due to the intrusion of foreign materials, such as salt spray and other corrosive agents. 

Traditional methods to seal leak paths, such as gaskets, potting materials and encapsulation, are expensive and result in excess material use. Vacuum impregnation, on the other hand, is a cost effective and efficient process that permanently seals leak paths and voids — saving time and resources associated with failed components. 

This Webinar will explore the use and advantages of vacuum impregnation in relation to automotive electronics. 

Primary Topics: 

• Causes and impacts of cracks at electronic/electric devices 

• Application examples throughout the vehicle 

• Sealing resin attributes for electrical and electronic parts 

• Fully automatic and manual impregnation sealing systems 

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