Your journey to reliable operations in automotive manufacturing Enterprise asset management at its best

May 25

2:00 PM

For automotive manufacturers and suppliers to be successful, you need safe, reliable operations that make it easy to build products at a planned rate and within planned quality standards. Reliable equipment is imperative to help you achieve these goals. A properly implemented enterprise asset management (EAM) system can help your maintenance organization keep equipment up and running so you can better meet your high production, customer service, and quality standards. Join us for a live demonstration and hear from Continental Structural Plastics regarding their experience with Infor EAM software. 

Primary Topics: 

• Define what a reliable operation is in automotive manufacturing 

• Consider your maintenance organization’s contribution to production goals 

• Experience specific functionality designed to support a reliable operation 

• Hear about Continental Structural Plastics’ experience with Infor EAM software 


Roger Civaglia | Director of EAM systems, Continental Structural Plastics 

Roger Civaglia is the director of EAM systems at Continental Structural Plastics and has over 20 years of enterprise systems experience in the automotive industry. 

Marty Osborn | Partner and Owner, Advoco 

Marty Osborn is a partner and owner at Advoco with over 30 years EAM-related experience. 

Cary Melone | EAM Sales Executive, Infor 

Cary Melone is an EAM sales executive at Infor and has been working in the automotive industry for nearly 30 years. 

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