What Is a “Manufacturer”?

It isn’t often that you’re able to cite a specific date when a car company actually “launches” into the market, but that happened on Monday for Karma Automotive. Jim Taylor, Karma Automotive chief revenue officer (some of you may remember Taylor from back in his days at GM, such as when he was the general […]

What Is a Porsche?

One more about sales and I promise I will stop. That’s because this is something that is going on in the market that is really quite incredible. Were someone to ask me what I think has been, year in, year out, the most beautiful car design, I would answer, without hesitation, the Porsche 911. From […]

VW, Mobileye and Swarm Data

Generally when there are photographs of autonomous vehicles, they are often singular: there is a vehicle. Sometimes they’re put in a realistic setting but it seems as though while they may be doing a bit of vehicle-to-infrastructure communicating, the vehicle in question is, again, the singular vehicle in question. Ask yourself this question: short of […]

VW, the Future & the End of “Conventional” Jobs

“In order to become a global provider of sustainable mobility, we are pressing ahead with future projects such as electromobility, digital connectivity and new mobility services, equipped with the necessary resolve and financing. At the same time we are investing more selectively and are setting clear priorities. Volkswagen Group will refine its focus – also […]

Toyota Research Institute: Creating the Future

Although the auto industry today is certainly a high-tech industry, let’s face it: It isn’t something that would be unfamiliar to Henry Ford. Cars, by and large, operate on petroleum-based fuel. Cars and controlled by pedals, levers and a steering mechanism. What wouldn’t he recognize on today’s automobiles? Some companies are pushing change. Change characteristic […]