Better Battery Production

Fraunhofer fiber-laser-based system for cost- and energy-efficient battery production. Related Topics: Automotive Electronics Assuming there will be an increase in the electrification of vehicles—and we do assume it—then there probably needs to be a way to more effectively produce batteries (among other challenges). One interesting development has come out of Germany in this regard, which […]

Eaton Introduces New Supercharger

To help address the requirements for improved fuel economy and performance, Eaton has developed the TVS2 supercharger. Related Topics: Automotive Powertrain Related Suppliers Eaton Corporation There are improvements. Then there are improvements. The TVS2 supercharger just launched by Eaton ( is in the latter category. Consider: the new supercharger—thanks to rotary profile changes that reduce […]

Making Jeeps in Melfi

Related Topics: Automotive Design Automotive Engineering While some people thought that building a Jeep in Italy—specifically, the Renegade (see in the FCA Melfi plant—not only has the product been a huge success in Europe, but it is doing well in the U.S., too, with 28,907 units sold through August. And speaking of August, that’s […]

Simulating Heat.

Related Topics: Automotive Design Automotive Engineering Digital Domain While this image might make you think that the whole front end of that car is being melted from intense heat, the intense heat part is at least right. It is actually a simulation of the key-off/heat soak situation that is arising more frequently, particularly in new […]