Chasing Chassis

Prev Next Image The new XC90 has an all-new chassis that is part of the development of what Volvo is calling its “Scalable Product Architecture” (SPA). On an overall level, SPA allows adjustments to the wheelbase, overhang, and vehicle height. In terms of the chassis, SPA is said to reduce weight and improve weight distribution. […]

Injection Molding Metal (Well, Metallic Glass—Like Metal)

Prev Next Image Various parts produced by injection molding Liquidmetal zirconium alloys. Metal slugs being fed by the hopper into an inductive melting chamber to prepare the material for injection molding. The molding area of the ENGEL machine specifically made for injection molding metal. The mold is temperature controlled. While there is a considerable amount […]

On Mazda: The CX-3 & the MX-5

Prev Next Image The fourth-generation MX-5 Miata. Staying true to its roots as a driver’s car, in design, engineering and execution. The Mazda CX-3 subcompact crossover has the long hood, short overhangs, large wheels, and compact greenhouse characteristic of vehicles created with the KODO design language. Sixty-three percent of the CX-3 body is made with […]

Projected Reality Delivers Real Benefits

Prev Next Image On the left side of the table, LGS projects the steps for assembling a fuel injector. LGS also highlights which bins to pick parts, while an overhead vision system confirms the assembler reached for the correct bins. On the right, along the edge of the table, LGS projects the cycle time for […]

Some Little Things About Materials

Prev Next Image When people often think about new materials developments for automotive, it is often something more macro, like a new high-strength aluminum alloy, such as the one developed by Novelis for applications like this B-pillar. The Advanz 7000 series is said to be two- to three-times stronger than any other aluminum used in […]

Why VW Is Expanding Engineering in Chattanooga

Prev Next Image Although the forthcoming seven-passenger midsize SUV that will be launched at the Volkswagen Chattanooga plant in 2016 is a midsize SUV, Erb points out that in Europe, it would be considered a massive vehicle. It is understanding up close and on the ground that is essential for developing vehicles that fit specific […]