2016 Honda HR-V: Small Only in Size

Prev Next Image Naohisa Morishita, chief engineer and development leader for the subcompact crossover HR-V, says that when they were developing the vehicle they worked to achieve characteristics that are otherwise opposite: fun yet sophisticated, youthful yet mature. They worked to achieve the personal nature of a coupe with the utility of a minivan and […]

Designing the Fiat 500X

Prev Next Image Although the 500X is based on the same platform as the Jeep Renegade, although it has AWD capability, this is a stylish Fiat and as such if it is a crossover vehicle, it is an urban crossover. Danilo Tosetti, Fiat senior designer, born in Asti, about 35 miles southeast of Turin, says, […]

Flexibility for Transmission Manufacture

Sixty-five of these Heller horizontal machining centers have been ordered by a North American OEM for transmission part production. Related Suppliers Heller Machine Tools While we don’t know the name of the North American OEM that recently placed an order of MC20 horizontal machining centers from Heller Machine Tools (heller-us.com) for the production of transmission […]

Powertrain Simulation and Analysis Speeds Development

Related Topics: Automotive Powertrain Digital Domain Related Suppliers FEV Although FEV Virtual Engine software has been available since just 2008, FEV (fev.com) recently launched the 23rd version of the simulation software for advanced powertrain dynamics analysis. This undoubtedly has to do with the rapid advances that are being made in powertrain technology, and underlining that point, […]

Safety & Autonomy

Prev Next Image Automated control will first appear in highway driving where speeds are relatively constant, threats quantifiable, and scenarios less complex. Nevertheless, the preference is for the driver to stay focused on the driving task, and properly positioned behind the wheel. Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) will be the first automated system offered by automakers. […]

Topology Optimization Explained

Prev Next Image Topology optimization was applied to an initial part design (gray), resulting in lightweighting and reduced material usage (yellow). While the optimization worked in the background, Inspire software let the design engineer perform some basic modal analysis and see how the loads applied (blue). HardMarque Future Factories, an Australian industrial design shop, used […]