Audi’s Intelligent Aluminum Forming

The aluminum hood on the Audi TT is crisply formed thanks to tools that include lasers to measure uniformity of the blanks prior to processing. Related Topics: Automotive Materials The hood of the Audi TT is made of aluminum. If you talk to some people (people who have a certain bias for things of a ferrous nature), […]

Being There While Not Being There

Here, football’s play-by-play analysis on television meets the industrial setting. Users can highlight problems they see out on the production line, in the field, or anywhere else they carry an Onsight camera, by drawing over the live or recorded videos displayed on a touchscreen on the back of the camera. This drawing capability is called […]

Better Simulation for Performance Plastics

This plastic shopping cart, produced with BASF Ultramid PA6, 33% glass filled, was developed with a software module, ULTRASIM, that allowed analysis of what the characteristics of the molded components would be prior to the manufacture of the molds. Related Topics: Automotive Materials Related Suppliers 3D Systems Corporation BASF Corporation ULTRASIM is a software tool […]

Hot, Hot, Hot: Plastics Handling the Under Hood Heat

Injection-molded intake air manifold/charged air cooler for a 1.5-liter engine made with a heat-resistant plastic that can withstand peak temperature of up to 250°C during operation. Related Topics: Automotive Materials Related Suppliers DSM Somos Although the word diablo is Spanish for devil, presumably it is the environs that said creature lives in that is the context […]

Inside the NSX

Prev Next Image According to John Norman, principal designer for the NSX interior, an objective was to make the interior of the car inviting, comfortable, intuitive, and yet nonintrusive. The car is about driving, so they worked to “support the driver and get out of the way,” but still in a way that makes the […]

Laser Cutting Hot-Stamped Steel

Prev Next Image The TruLaser Cell 8030 uses a standard 2-kW laser to cut hot-stamped parts like this B-pillar with speed and accuracy. The TruLaser Cell 8030 meets the production needs of hot-stamped parts in today’s automotive vehicles. Related Topics: Automotive Materials Related Suppliers Trumpf Inc. Given the proliferation of hot-stamped components such as B-pillars […]

One Edge. One Ford.

Prev Next Image Ford invested some $700-million (Canadian) to prepare the Oakville Assembly Plant for the production of the second-generation Edge. Among the technologies deployed is this camera-based system, which is used to find any dirt on the surface through the application of light at various angles. Some 3,150 images are captured in 15 seconds […]

Steel: Where It Is & Where It Is Going

Prev Next Image This is a look at the structure of the 2016 Cadillac CT6. The skin of the car is all aluminum, but as is evident here, the structure is a combination of steel and aluminum. According to Travis Hester, Cadillac CT6 executive chief engineer, “The structure of the CT6 is one of the […]