Developing Power Sliding Doors

Prev Next Image Dura Automotive and Dassault Systèmes have collaborated on a French salon sliding door concept to increase styling freedom, enhance safety, and improve the overall customer experience. Dura Invisitrak technology allows the vehicle to integrate sliding doors without impact to exterior styling. Related Topics: Automotive Design Automotive Engineering Related Suppliers Dassault Systemes Dura […]

Economically Advancing Metalcutting

Prev Next Image The Mazak HCU 4000 is a four-axis horizontal machining center engineered for steel, aluminum, and cast-iron machining. The VCU 400A 5X machining center offers a five-axis rotary/tilt trunion table to produce small complex parts. The QTS 200M turning center can also add milling, drilling, and tapping to its multi-tasking capabilities. Related Suppliers […]

Manufacturing Electrified Vehicles in Wolfsburg

Prev Next Image Producing a GTE on the line at the VW Wolfsburg plant. The vehicle is rotated for improved ergonomics for the workers. At the Wolfsburg plant, they’re producing the Golf, Golf Sportsvan, Golf GTE, e-Golf, Touran, and Tiguan. Because of the variety, flexibility in production is key, particularly as Germans order their vehicles, […]

Mirai Means “The Future”: Toyota’s Production Fuel Cell Car

Prev Next Image Satoshi Ogiso, managing officer, Toyota Motor Corp. on the design of the 2016 Mirai fuel cell vehicle: “It’s no secret that when we launched Prius we decided that making it look different from any other car on the road was a risk that needed to be taken. Prius styling was distinctive then […]

Volt: The Next Generation

Prev Next Image The 2016 Volt’s range extending internal combustion engine (think of it primarily operating as a generator) is larger than the one in the 2015 model—a 1.5-liter vs. a 1.4-liter. This is to provide better performance under acceleration when in range extending mode. The drive unit for the 2016 Chevrolet Volt. More compact. […]