‘08 HONDA ACCORD: Continuous Improvement Action

When you think about diminutive Hondas, the 2007 Fit fits the bill. It has an overall length of 157.4 in. and a 96.5-in. wheelbase. Tiny, right? Well, consider these numbers: overall length 162.8 in.; wheelbase, 93.7 in. Pretty much in the same ballpark. But those are figures not for some B-car, but for the first-generation […]

CHRYSLER’S ’08 MINIVANS: Raising The Bar

Every vehicle manufacturer has a signature vehicle. In the case of Chrysler—things like the 300C or Viper notwithstanding—the signature vehicle is the minivan, a vehicle that it brought to the market in a notable way in 1983. Since then, Chrysler has built more than 12 million of them. In the meantime, of course, it gave […]