Casting And Machining the Porsche Cayenne Block

Prev Next Image The Cayenne provides sufficient torque (the S model: 310 lb-ft @ 2,500-5,500 rpm; the Turbo: 457 lb-ft @ 2,250-4,750 rpm) to tow your. . .other Porsche. The V8 engine for the Porsche Cayenne features an aluminum block that has a “closed-deck” design: The crankcase and cylinder heads are cast (a low-pressure process […]

Generation 5

Prev Next Image The instrument panel continues the “double wave” design of the 7 Series, in part because of the addition of I-Drive. Thankfully, a menu button has been added just behind the control button to eliminate the tedium of backing out of the wrong menu. The 5 Series’ scowling “face” and unresolved tail are […]

Twins: Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon

Prev Next Image Chevy Colorado Crew Cab (left) and GMC Canyon Extended Cab (right). Separated at birth. The frame provides 250% more stiffness than the one it replaces. And no hydroforming. A lost-foam block for casting the Vortec 3500. Related Topics: Automotive Design Automotive Engineering Although the Chevy S-10 pickup has had a good run […]